The biggest difference of Andrus compared to any other cryo frequency equipment is its dedicated heads, being them facial and corporal: bipolars, tripolars and monopolars.
Better coupling in the region so that accumulated energy is not lost and thus optimizing therapy.

Each area of the body and each treatment require unique protocols that only Andrus can provide, for it is the only one that has four cryogenic handles plus two heated handles, besides being the only cryo frequency platform with automatic multi-frequency adjustment (1 to 40MHz) that adjusts the radiofrequency emission frequency to perform singular treatments.
This unique feature of Andrus does not require the use of heavy heads that make multiple and simultaneous applications, since the radiofrequency emission power is concentrated on the desired area, avoiding the need for high dosage emission.
Because they are lightweight and anatomical, Andrus’ heads provide comfort to the patient and to the professional.

Andrus Cryo Frequency is indicated for the treatment of facial and corporal skin sagging, fibrosis, wrinkles and skin aging, cellulite and localized fat. The technique reduces the volume, shaping and smoothing the body contours.

Depending on the area that will be treated, as soon as the first session of a maximum of 20 minutes the results of the smoothing of wrinkles and expression lines or the reduction of localized fat are already noticeable.


Indicated for facial rejuvenation and treatment of wrinkles and expression lines.


Indicated for fighting sagging skin, stretch marks and cellulite.


With a return plate, is indicated for localized fat reduction.


With a return plate, is indicated to reduce fat located in the arm.


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