360º Handle


The regular cryolipolysis handles have two freezing plates (coolplates) and this feature limits the contact area of the skin to only the coolplate area. The areas of the handle that don´t have a coolplate are heat gain areas, since the heated ambient air will give out heat in those areas. Therefore on the 360º handle there is equity on the distribution of the cryotherapy, as all the handle cavity is in fact a coolplate.


LARGER CONTACT AREA OF THE CRYOTHERAPY: by having cryotherapy in all of the handle´s cavity, the contact area is total. The result is cryotherapy on all of the target area.

ACT EFFECT (Accumulated Cooling Therapy): there is no cryotherapy loss due to heat exchange with the heated ambient air, thus being able to concentrate the cryotherapy on the target area.

BETTER DISTRIBUTION OF THE CRYOTHERAPY: by being able to perform cryotherapy on all sides, the 360º handle distributes with better equity the temperature throughout all the target area, dismissing overlapping area techniques. Thus avoiding big edemas caused by the shifting of the handle position.

– HIGHER SAFETY: common handles have a great loss of cryotherapy by heat exchange with the external environment. This is why it is necessary to compensate this loss by using negative temperatures at critical levels. The equity in the temperature distribution of the 360º handle, that prevents the temperature gain, makes it possible to perform treatments with higher temperatures, with higher safety.

– UNMATCHED RESULTS: the way how we apply cryolipolysis has been changing. Techniques to compensate the limitation of the handles were, over time, showing to be increasingly effective. Now the 360º handle of the Asgard platform is revolutionary, since only this handle can treat with cryotherapy all the target area entirely. The therapeutic results are infinitely superior and much faster.



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